Authors Kathy and Karen Sills

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                                                                                         Twin Writers On the Rise

I would like to introduce two great authors Kathy and Karen Sills. They have written a great and imaginative children’s book that children will enjoy, Wiggle Worm Shape Adventures. Kathy and Karen also have a deep passion for writing.  They mostly write children’s books, but they do dabble with adult stories.  They also love to cook and create their own recipes, while others hate grocery shopping Karen and Kathy enjoy the task.  One day they plan on adding one or two recipes for kids to a children’s book.  Writing became a big part of their lives when their first children’s book was published in 2012.  Now, they just keep their imaginations on over drive, and working with children keeps their muse inspired.  Since they have accomplished becoming an author, their next step is to become a best seller.
Their third book Wiggle Worm’s Shape Adventure is for grades pre-K to third grade.  Any parent, grandparent, teacher will benefit purchasing a copy of this book.  The pictures alone keeps the children interested, and makes them want to hear the story.  This book is filled with a learning lesson of basic shapes, basic math and friendship.  If you would like to buy a copy go to amazon and buy yours today.



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