Here’s Etta

Andrea Zug at Lancers, Inc.

Happy Monday everyone. I hope you all survived Super Bowl Sunday. All of us have to feel better than the Denver Broncos.

Today I have the distinct pleasure of introducing a fellow PDMI author, Etta Jean. Etta is definitely feeling good these days. She has a new novel coming out later this month titled: Chronicle of Summer.
Etta is a fun loving, young woman, with a great many accomplishments to her credit. She is a writer, published author and photographer.
Etta loves nature, therefore, her camera is a natural addition on long walks and hikes. She is a daughter, sister, friend, fantasy addict, romantic, small city girl, with a big imagination.
That imagination is what makes her good at her craft. I urge you to check out the talented Etta Jean, today.
Etta has graciously provided a short bio and an excerpt from her, soon to be released novel: Chronicle…

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