The Way We Think ~ Objective vs. Subjective

Victoria Adams' Reading Alcove

This is a new type of post for the Reading Alcove.   It is a corner devoted to talking about the tools we use to think.  The ways in which we determine what we choose to believe, and what we should require to change those beliefs.

Philosophy (love of wisdom) is not some academic exploration of questions that few have time to deal with.  It is a study of how we reason, how we discern, how we sort out what is right or wrong.  Even if we start with the assumption that the reader is open to exploring alternative ways of looking at something, how do you present information so they can make an objective decision regarding the value of your contribution?  What, pray tell, constitutes objective data?  Is an encyclopedic knowledge of a subject necessary in order to arrive at a useful point of view?

This is an important…

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