Who Am I?

Andrea Zug at Lancers, Inc.

What a delightful afternoon, warm and sunny with just the hint of a breeze. As you walk down the street you notice a small sign in the window of a little shop. The sign asks: Do you know who I am? Perhaps if you had been in a hurry. If there was shopping that just had to be done and dinner to prepare. Perhaps you would have walked on. Instead you open the door and walk into a small room. The bell over the door tinkles once, and then again as you close the door behind you. It reminds you of a place you have been before, but nothing looks familiar.

On a hook beside the door hangs a coat, but not just any coat. It looks regal. You glance around to see if anyone is coming. After all the bell did tinkle. Shouldn’t someone answer the call. There is…

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