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oct 2013 me

Books Are Magical

Books have the ability to do amazing things. When I was a child life was very difficult but I found that grabbing a book and finding a place away from the chaos that surrounded me could make me feel safe. A book for a child has the ability to make them dream, to use their imagination. Books for a child can make them curious about the world around them. They can also make learning fun.

Books take you far and wide on an amazing adventure. The characters  have the ability to  make you cry, or smile or laugh. Characters also can make you fall in love with them or be one of those you love to hate. Books for a writer is an outlet for their imagination. Books give the writer the ability to create an amazing story that can draw you in. Have you a favorite childhood story ? Some books  will stick with you for a lifetime,those books are the ones that took you to a different time and place, and made a lasting impression.

As we get older and our bodies  start to slow down  we can keep our mind strong by reading. When we are older books are a great way to keep our mind working. Books are food for the soul, and medicine for our idle minds. Teach our children the importance of reading, teach them to dream big. Books can be used to teach our children and to make them eager to learn. BOOK ARE MAGICAL. 

The Magic of Books

The Magic of Books


5 responses to “Lenora Rogers – Author

  1. Great post! When I get stressed, I can look at a collection of my books, the characters and stories are familiar, soon I’m less-stressed 🙂


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