Reflections ~ My Private Wine Concierge

Victoria Adams' Reading Alcove

The holidays.  A rollercoaster ride of special sparkly moments and dark moments of despair.  Maybe not despair, exactly.  More like tharn.  I love that word (by its original definition in Watership Down).  In any case, holidays can be a bit of a ride.  Most of the time, I try to seek out the things that tickle me. Such as my own private wine concierge.

While my husband and I were living in Calgary, we rented a home that had a jet tub. It was a lovely, huge thing with built-in jets. Since I am one of many with chronic back pain, this was my landing place when I returned from work each day.  My dear husband would bring me a glass of wine and set the table for dinner while I read and massaged a sore back.  Because I had mentioned this ritual at work at some point, my…

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