Featured Author ~ The Unicorn Chaser

unicorn-picture-unicorn-clipart-unicorns-1I was asked to stand in for Lenora and write about a lady that happens to be a very good friend to both of us, Stacy Brewer.  I will try to delve a bit deeper that the short paragraph or two that she shares about herself in most public forums.  She can be a shy creature.

One of the first things Stacy will talk about is her love of fantasy.  Introduced to faeries and princesses and castle keeps at a very young age, she found that the world of the book was full of fascinating and amazing things.  In one of her blogs she describes those early experiences; reading about a princess chasing a unicorn.  I think the unicorn caught a young lady named Stacey.


Stacy writes fantasy.  She loves to weave the ancient tales and legends in historical settings and settings all her own.  She has a solid fan base waiting for her debut into the publishing world. While we all wait, she has moved herself closer to the world by becoming a managing editor for PDMI Publishing, LLC.  Though not her full time pursuit as yet, it is her dream that she has found her permanent home.   She will tell you that she studied just enough journalism to turn her into a proper grammar Nazi. Evidently the habit is just as annoying to her as to anybody else

It should also be mentioned that Stacy is not “just an editor.”  She is a true mentor and works hard to show her authors a better way to build a story.  And yet, she expects to have her own manuscripts massacred when edited.  That, of course, is the heart of an editor, wanting to make sure that their work gets the same attention that they devote to others.

Creative people often find a number of avenues to explore their creativity.  One of Stacy’s pursuits is as an avid amateur photographer.  She doesn’t settle for the roadside snapshot, but looks for opportunities to find expression in people and places.  She looks for the story in the scene before her.  There is a lovely series of photos she took when she traveled to Kenya with her father on a ministry trip.  The blog displaying these intriguing photos can be found here:


Although Stacy promises to keep her own delightful blog going, she has recently arranged with one of her best friends, Bobbie St. Jean to start a blog together.  Here’s a peek of what to expect from them:

Here there be Faeries! And gypsies and mermaids, and pirates and witches and airships and the occasional alien!

Here you will find dreamstuff and the things of myth and legend. Peek into glass jars brimming with Magics, time portals, and all your alchemical needs. Flip through our pages to find the right formula, or (better yet) a new friend or lover.

Open the curtain and peer into the fog. Worlds await you, don’t disappoint them.

Check out our friend – you never know what mysteries you’ll discover!

2 responses to “Featured Author ~ The Unicorn Chaser

  1. Yes, that was a lovely write- up, about a lady who is both modest and has a lot to be proud of. To be both creative, and grammar Nazi is a difficult, but Stacey knows what it is to have a dream and record it on paper, and, when editing, can put herself in the shoes of her authors almost like no other. That is a real gift. I am looking forward to the publication of her book with keen interest. This comment is unedited, and I take no responsibility for the poor punctuation.


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