New Exhibition – Echo: Knole’s domestic life in art, Sevenoaks, Kent

As you may have realised by now I love historical objects so I was thrilled to discover that Knole has partnered with Sevenoaks Museum and a group of four artists to create an exhibition centred around five household items once used in the house.

A kettle, wine bin label, hand held brazier, a lead mould used for sweetmeat making and some goffering irons – which I have just discovered were used for crimping collars –  were chosen by Sue Gosling, the curator of Sevenoaks Museum where the original items are now on show, and presented to a group of Kentish artists as inspiration.  Rosalind Barker, Sue Evans, David Minton and Franny Swann then created new works of art that range from plaster of paris models to three-dimensional paintings.

When asked about taking part in ‘Echo: Knole’s domestic life in art’, Franny Swann said: ‘All four of us have…

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