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The Day I Met Dr. Seuss

Written by Anne Emerick

The Day I Met Dr. Seuss pic

Most readers do not find themselves standing on middle ground when it comes to the work of Dr. Seuss; they either love it or hate it. This work of historical fiction is based on the author’s real experience in attempting to visit Dr. Seuss (Theodor Seuss Geisel). In 1989, she wrote him a letter requesting an interview. His secretary politely declined. Emerick persisted  in her admiration for the author by writing an imaginary tale reminiscent of Geisel’s work.. She mailed him the manuscript in 1990 to ask if he objected to it. Geisel gave her permission to publish it.

In her story Emerick makes a long journey to the home of Dr. Seuss. She meets Mister Hupp who tells her that Ted is quite normal, but no one understands the thoughts in his head. The author is determined to see…

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