Marie Godley – Author

2012-09-27 Marie

1. What genre do you write and why did you choose it ?
I write fantasy because I have always loved that world. Talking animals, mythical creatures, swords and cloaks; there are less restrictions than real life.
2. How many books have you written ?
Three children’s books and stories in a children’s anthology.
What is your latest published, or soon to be published book ?
The last book I had published was called Time Slide.
3. What is it about?
Two children travel back in time to ancient China after finding a hair comb on an archaeological dig. It is a fiction but with some historical features thrown in.
4. Where do the ideas for your characters come from ?
They usually form in my head – not dreams as so many authors have – my dreams are just too weird.
5. What comes first for you, the idea for a story or a character ?
Usually an idea but it could be the character. With Time Slide it was a vague idea and the opening journal entry then I had to find the story.
6. What is the writing process like for you ? and how do you manage your time for writing ?
I write when I can. Usually when my children are at school and college but when the writing is flowing I might abandon the family in the evenings to write. I don’t have structured writing time.
7. How to you go about choosing your title, do you start with a working title or wait until story written ?
I don’t think I’ve ever had the title before the story. Sometimes I call it by something when I’m working on it and it sticks.
8. What is your next project ?
I have two Young Adult novels I’m working on – well I wrote them a little while ago and now I’m busy editing them trying to get them good enough for publishing. They’re my first attempt at YA.
9.What tips can you give to beginning writers, like myself, that would make the process easier ?
It’s the usual advice – keep writing and keep reading. Make sure you get the story down, don’t try to edit as you go or you may never finish. Not everybody can like the same piece of writing so try not to take negative comments too hard.
10. What do you do when you are not writing ?
I’m an avid reader, always have been. I also do cross stitch. I like to walk along the beach and in the forest and I have a family – so there goes most of my time.

I started writing in 2007. I have published three children’s books and had some stories published online. I am part of Authors For Charity, a group of authors who write stories for anthologies and give the profits to a charity. I’m also a volunteer writer for Kourageous Kids Storybooks. We write stories for children with cancer, featuring them as the hero. These stories are then illustrated and published and given to the children free of charge. I am currently working on a YA book.

Time Slide

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