Forays Into Marketing and The Power of Sausages


Some of you may know I have been busy recently writing a book, and some of you will be astonished to know I have now finished it, and am about ready to send it off for the traditional mauling by the editors. As I move along this process I realise I am getting nearer and nearer that stage in  proceedings when I might have to actually market the product if it is to be purchased by people other than my local publican, some family members and that hairdresser chap who cuts my hair, and thinks I might be a source of catering tips on account of my obsession with sausages.

Just to veer off topic for a second, I can tell you that me and mine  went out for Sunday lunch yesterday because my Ambassador to Youth has got in to University, ( Whoop Whoop Whoop, popping corks etc ) and…

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