How to Storm a Castle and Bring Your Lady Home

Victoria Adams' Reading Alcove

Well, this week we are back on a personal note exploring the interesting paths and passages of life with dementia. It has been a week of could-have-beens and what ifs and yet, well, I’ll tell you the story.

Castle SmallI’m not accustomed to sharing the intimate details of my medical history. I am not comfortable going into various details about parts I do or don’t have or how I happened to get to that point. My close friends do know of some of the challenges I face, but that is usually as far as it goes. This story, however, has that ever present caregiver component of “what do you do when.” Since there are now a number of people that look to me for tidbits of wandering wisdom, this appeared to be one of those opportunities where sharing the personal might help others in their own journey.

I was diagnosed with…

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