Nirupam Konwar – Artist

I would like to introduce you to an artist I met recently on Facebook, his name is Nirupam Konwar, and he has been passionate about painting since a small child. Please check out his links and see this talented artist.    So here is a little something  about him.

pfofile picture

Nirupam Konwar
Current Add.: Old Airport Road, Bangalore, India
Date of Birth: 14-10-1989
Hometown: Long Jong Naharkatia, Assam, India

Education Qualification: BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) from Govt. College of Fine Arts and Craft;
Professional Diploma in Game Art and Design from AIGA (Asian Institute of Game and Animation);

Work Experience: Worked at Technicolor as a Game Artist;
Currently working at Dhruva Interactive as 3D Game Artist;Awards and Achievements: (please follow the links)International Watercolor Society2012


A view of upper assam After the rain (1) evening_mood sunday is a holiday warm and cool


Artisto ;Never short of encouragement and some fun, the Artisto team organizes regular online competitions with certificates and goodies to be given away.


A great detailed look at his watercoloring.

watercolor demonstration-


NIrupam brings his passion for art and cinema together


Nirupam Konwar waits with bated breath for the unveiling of his first solo exhibition at the State Art Gallery in Rabindra Bhawan .


Nirupam’s facebook page of his beautiful paintings


Nirupam is an artist as well as a 3D Gaming Artist

my webpage-


He is listed as one of the best worldwide artists.

Painting collections in India  and abroad.

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