A Woman’s Justice During the Reign of Charles the Bold

The Freelance History Writer

medieval town

While doing some research on Charles the Bold (sometimes called Charles the Rash), I found an anecdote that was recorded by a chronicler of the time about an ordinary woman.  The story may or may not be true but it is indicative of the perils women had to endure in that era. Charles the Bold was Duke of Burgundy in the fifteenth century. Burgundy was an amalgam of counties, municipalities and provinces. Much of the dukedom included the Low Countries or what is now Holland.

Duke Charles had been at war with King Louis XI of France for many years but in 1469, there was a truce and the Duke was traveling around his realm. His intention was to prove his excellence as a paternal ruler to his subjects. Wherever he stayed, he allowed easy access to his presence and gave generous amounts of his time to receiving petitions from…

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