Songs of Kiguli – a project to grow leaders.

This is a project than brings the amazing talents of the children of Uganda and the heart of PDMI Publishing in the United States. These children bring forth a world poetry movement under the direction of their school and its teacher, Philip Matogo. This is not just poetry for these kids it gives them an outlet to let the world hear their thoughts and hopes and dreams through their words. This project is even greater this year and could use your help. I would like for you to come and be a part of this amazing project by showing your support and contributing. So please before you pass this by please read what my friend and colleague,Victoria Adams has to say;


Lenora has graciously given me some blog space to announce an upcoming project and to issue a call for perk contributions. No, don’t you dare run away until you have heard the whole story.

The story of this series begins as a crossing of paths in that huge social networking soup known as Facebook. A teacher and volunteer, Philip Matogo, in the Kiguli Army School worked on a project with his class to learn to write poetry in English. When this project was discovered by a publisher (Nessa Arcamenel, owner/co-founder of PDMI Publishing) in the United States, she contacted the school and asked if they would like to publish a book containing their poetry. Phil gladly took the proposal to the school board which agreed to the project.

Thus began a journey that spanned the globe and included teachers, parents, school children of all ages, and a publisher with a heart. Nessa (Lisa McKinney) and her husband TC McKinney published the first book with little outside support and delivered limited editions to the school. This year we are taking things to a whole new level.

We will be going live with a fund raising project on Indiegogo by the end of the month. We chose this venue in part because it allows us to showcase our contributors. In other words, if you donate a work of art for us to use as one of our perks, your work will be displayed in the “gallery” section of the campaign and you will be listed as a contributor in the final version of the current year edition. We are also producing a DVD with footage of the students reading their own poetry. Even more exciting, they will be backed with three selections by the Ugandan jazz and traditional band, Qwela.

We also want to jump-start the advertising campaign. All proceeds that the school makes from royalties will be used to help them improve their school The fundraising site will go into more detail, however the school is in need of a utility vehicle, a bus (some of the students commute some 4km one way) and improvements to existing buildings and construction of a few more. Currently there are some 560 students enrolled in a program of 7 years. They are advanced by merit only. Recently they have set up a library and need to stock it with relevant material. Anything we raise over costs in this fundraiser will go straight to the school. After published, PDMI will share in the royalties, but the author’s share will go to support the school. So, that’s the story. Now what we need.

During the fundraiser we want to offer a little extra something at the top two contribution levels. In the dialect of Uganda these have been named, Empologoma (Lion) ($60) and Etome (Elephant) ($75). We would, of course, prefer an African theme or the use of African materials. If you have something you think would be appropriate, please comment or contact Lenora through Facebook ( Just as a reminder, in return for your support you will be listed in the book as a contributor and your work will be on display in the “gallery” section of the fundraising site throughout the campaign. We will also post your contribution on the Kiguli Facebook link:

I’m sure Lenora will give you a bit of a boost as well. We only need a dozen or so “perks,” so please give it some thought and let us know what you would like to do.

Victoria Adams, Director, PDMI Publishing

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