Irina Karatcheva

Russian Actress, Singer and Voice Coach

I have been friends with this wonderful lady for some time on Facebook and found her to be very fascinating. She  is a very busy woman and is involved in some great things and I would like to share a little about her.

I decided to interview her, so here is that interview:

1. Where did you grow up ? I was born in a small industrial town of Berezniki, in the Urals

2. What is your educational background ?

I got accepted to the State Institute of Cinema (VGIK) in Moscow, Russia in 1985. and  at the same time continued studying at the post graduating course in elocution and voice-production at VGIK, under a supervision of Professor Alla Egorova.

3. When did your acting career begin ?

After completing 4 years of full time studies I started  an  acting career at the theater-studio “Igroki”. Acting work took me to a 6 months long theater tour in Canada. Since then I have had  roles in film, TV, radio and stage. There with my colleagues from the theater “Igroki” I played various parts and participated in singing concerts given by the actors.

My acting tutor was one of the most famous classic film directors of Soviet cinematographer Professor Sergey Bondarchuk (Academy Award (Oscar) for “Best Foreign Language Film” (1968) for the film “War and Peace”) and an actress Irina Skobtzeva.

4. When did your singing career begin?

At the All State Institute of Cinema,  I was also trained as a singer (that was a part of the acting programme). I sing more like an addition to my acting career, but also give occasional concerts.

I have extensive voice-over experience in England, Germany and Russia and a unique training in the Russian classical voice production method.

I also give private and group voice production lessons (as I’ve done my post graduate degree in the All State Institute of Cinema back to 1991).

In fact, at the moment, I am working on a programme of a Russian town ballads which I am planning to perform at the Pushkin House later this year.

5.In what areas have you worked in the Performing arts ?

I have worked in film, TV, radio and stage.

Only this week I’ve finished recording for BBC4 radio. My friend Dolya Gavanski has written a story of a Russian Gambler – a very fascinating piece! It will be on air in November this year.

6.  Can you tell me about the online gallery,Collection Red ?


The ideal of Collection Red came through lengthy conversations with my friends – artists. They are, like actors, also crave for recognition and more work. And I’ve offered them my time as an agent/promoter of their wonderful art. Since then (that was 1,5 ago) Collection Red successfully reaching the hearts of wide audience with beautiful pieces of art.

7. What brought you to England ?

I met an Englishman twenty years ago and we married  and moved to England.

8. What do you do when not working ?


When I am not working…. I am still working.. Even when I visit museums – I am still working: thinking of how to organize the next exhibition or how to play this or that part. I think for the actors work never stops. It is 24/7 or nothing..

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