Cary Anne Conder

Cary Anne Conder

Born to British parents in Colombia, South America, Cary spent the first 26 years of her life moving so often that she never lived longer than seven years in any one place. When asked where she’s from, she generally responds: “My mother.”

A member of the Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy members since 1997, Cary now holds a life membership and is the “Director at Large” for ASFA. Cary specializes in one-of-a-kind needlepoint canvases and Celtic knot work embroidery. She is also a published author Her first two books, Half A Rune & Half A Ring are available on line in hard copy and e-book formats. Her third novel, Catalyst, has a projected release date of 2013 from Raider Publishing.



Celtic knot:a hunting dog



After 27 years of service with the Royal Canadian Air Force, Cary retired in June 2010, having seen duty in the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt in 1988 and inside the Arctic Circle in 1996. She is a Noble recipient, receiving that distinction along with her fellow Canadian Peacekeepers in 1988. Cary lives with her daughter, Maria, her youngest brother, Nick, and their cats in Victoria, BC. One of her pieces of art, Dease River, hangs in the home of Her Honour Iona Campagnolo, a previous Lieutenant-Governor of British Columbia.



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