A Welsh soldier buried in Malta

The Malta Photoblog


A Welsh soldier buried in Malta

A few months ago a British academic friend of my wife asked me to take some photographs of the graves of fallen soldiers from the First World War who are buried in Maltese military cemeteries.  Malta possesses four such cemeteries which are managed by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, three of which, namely the ones at Kalkara, Pieta and Pembroke contain the resting places of soldiers from the Great War.

In my assignment I ended up taking photos of the final resting places of soldiers of a wide variety of nationalities including English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish, Maltese, Australian and New Zealander, Canadian, Japanese, French, Indian and German.  This wide range of nationalities is impressive when considering that Malta was not on the front-line during the First World War.  The island did play an important role however by receiving thousands of wounded in its…

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