Filofteia Georghita-Artist

Filofteia Georghita  was born in August 1992, to a well renowned artistic Indian family, but early in life found herself being brought up in Timisoara,in rural Romania, in an orphanage.She endured many hardships as a child, but at the age of six, was adopted by a Maltese family, which was quite a shock for this little girl. Filofteia says,”Due to my foreign name and where I came from, I was often  bullied and rejected by others. She found escape by expressing herself with colors in her paintings.

Filofteia joined a School of Arts program,to improve and learn better techniques. Her favorite styles are;semi-abstract, abstracts,cubism and reinterpretation  and re-pros. She has created her on unique style by combining these. Filofteia’s art is a fusion of her past, present and future, thus a chronological story of her life that is reflected in her art. Please checkout this amazingly talented young woman. her Facebook link,

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