Christa Yelich-Koth

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Christa is an author who writes science fantasy,detective novels and graphic novels. Her graphic novel,Hollow,illustrated by Conrad Teves,was just released.

She is also working on a continuation series of Hollow called,Hollow’s Prism, the first issue titled,Aftermath, and is due for release in Fall 2013.

Christa is currently working on her first science fantasy novel,Illusions, and her first detective novel,Spider’s Truth,and they are both currently in the editing process.

She is also a gifted musician, her stage name is Renee Kole,she is working on her first album,Just Me. Christa’s first two singles,Silly Me and Fairy Tales,Are now on iTunes.She has a third, The Road,scheduled for release at the end of the month.

Christa has multiple projects keeping her very busy but says,”They just pour out of me, sometimes as words in a book or to melodies to music.” Her main goal is to provide enjoyment and entertainment to others with her writing and her music.

Her links are;

MUSIC: (Renee Kole) (Music website–listen for free!)

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