Reflections on what “Networking” is really all about

What beautiful and touching poetry.

Victoria Adams' Reading Alcove

Sometimes in the wild and woolly world of the Internet and Social Networking, you manage to form lasting relationships with people you may never meet personally, but dearly wish you could.  Since I began my adventure I have found a number of these people.  People I have not met, may never meet, and yet feel that they have become a very special part of my life. Morgan is just such a person.  I am charmed by her input, inspired by her passion and whether or not we agree on things, I admire her gentler touch in bringing issues to the forefront.  When such a person pours her soul out into poetry, I consider it something worth noting.

Starting WedFront thumbnesday, June 19th through Thursday, June 20th,  Morgan will be offering the Kindle version of her book, Dancing within Shadow, for free.  This 2-day event will launch a promotion that will…

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