Olga Kali (Oliviaolala)


I would like to introduce an up and coming artist. I came by her when I saw a posting of her work on Facebook and decided to share it with others. I think her work has vivid colors and great detail, and her passion shines through her work.

Olga Kali is  French and currently lives in Paris, but she has lived in Deutschland (4yrs), Argentina(1yr) and Brazil(3yrs). Olga  studied Jewelry making and design and worked in that field for five years. She has worked for Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Givenchy, making jewelry for fashion shows.

Olga recently decided to change professions and follow her passion in the illustration world. She is currently looking for new projects in that field. So, she wishes anyone with some great ideas feel free to contact her and let her know. I have listed below all of her links, so please go and look at her work.






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