Shannon Amidon-Artist

I came across another great artist I would like to share. I am always looking for artist with their own take on  art. I like seeing the different styles. I think you will appreciate her work as much as I have. I enjoy sharing the arts with others and so now will tell you about Shannon Amidon.

Shannon Amidon is a photo based mixed media artist from the San Francisco
Bay Area. Her artwork explores the beautiful, repulsive, and mysterious
sides of natural history. While the world is speeding forward with
technology and convenience, she prefers to slow down and use alternative
photographic processes including historic printing and non-traditional
techniques. She pushes the boundaries of photography, blurring the lines
between fine art and traditional photography attempting to free the
photographic medium from the burden of its traditional representation.

Amidon was the 2011 Arts Council Silicon Valley Artist Laureate, receiving
a Fellowship Grant in photography. She was also the recipient of an Eco
Art Grant and studio make over from the Art Inspector part of the Zero One
Art and Technology Network.

Her artwork has been exhibited throughout the US, in South Korea, and
Costa Rica. She has been an artist in residence at the Herhúsid House
Artist Residency in Iceland as well and the David in Julia White Artist
Colony in Costa Rica. Shannon is active in her local arts community
contributing her time, knowledge and art whenever possible. She is also
involved in education outreach for children and young artist mentoring.

Shannon Amidon

Images attached:

Pink Lisianthus
Original Photograph coated in bees wax
8×8 Framed to 10×10

Love in a Mist
Original Photograph coated in bees wax
8×8 Framed to 10×10

Original Photograph coated in bees wax
8×8 Framed to 10×10

Pink Lisianthus Love in a Mist Sanctuary Shannon AmidonThe Artist-Shannon Amidon

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