Clay Gilbert- Author

I would like to introduce you to Author and Poet, Clay Gilbert. Clay was born January 19,1971, which  is also the birthday of Edgar Allan Poe. He wrote his first novel, a Science Fiction  short story about a robot,  and he even did his own illustrations of stick figures, all at the very young age of four years.

Clay is an avid reader of science fiction and horror, fantasy, mysteries and mainstream fiction.He also reads the classics and of course, poetry.His first published story was a science fiction, called “The Computer Conspiracy”, which was done while still in middle school. Clay considers himself to be a novelist who writes poetry.

His process for writing poetry starts with an image and an emotion. He likes rhyme and rhythm, like music, in his poetry. He writes poetry on just about any subject, be it divorces or about Godzilla movies.

In addition to poetry, Clay writes fiction, his first a science fiction novel “Eternity”, was self published. His first novel with PDMI Publishing, which is out of Albertville, Alabama, is a vampire  novel called “Dark Road to Paradise“, and is coming out soon. A little later in the year, a science fiction novel, which incidentally,led to his contract with PDMI Publishing, called “Annah”, will be out. Clay expects in the future there will even be a collection of  his poetry. Please checkout Clay’s Facebook page,

Also checkout his poem “Names”

The cover for his new book;

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