Z. I. Photography

Geoffrey and Filofteia share their passion of photography, trying to produce the best images possible. With the talents of both of these people, you will find some great photos.

Geoffrey is a Maltese Native of 38years, he has a background in photography working as a photography Assistant in a photographic lab. Filofteia is half Romanian and Half Maltese. She has studied art and is 21 years old. She does work in abstracts and reproductions. When combining her art with Photography the end result is some amazing work.

I think you will enjoy their work, so to find out more go to their Facebook page,https://www.facebook.com/pages/ZI-Photography-Geoffrey-Filofteia/475741092474430?fref=ts

All images below by Z. I. Photography;

z2 z3

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  2. On behalf of Z.I. Photography, I would like to thank you for all the feedback from your side and would be very appreciative if all of you like our Facebook page and add us as friends so we can talk every now and then. It’s nice having international friends, we simply love it.


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