The Tintype Studio

I came across this Facebook page while searching about tintype pictures,and was amazed that this form of photography was still being used. I found the process fascinating, so thought I would share with others. So here is a little information and I think you will like has much as I have.

The Tintype Studio
Designers and imagemakers, Went& Navarro are experimenting with an old photographic process from around 1850. It’s a real hands-on process called Wet Plate Collodion, where you use silver to make an image on glass or metal. With their mobile studio and darkbox, they make tintypes. Every step in this process, which was mostly used from 1850 untill 1930, is shown on site: from brewing of the chemicals, floating the collodion, photosensitizing the plate, the several seconds exposure, to developing and the varnishing. 
Experiencing an exposure time of several seconds (where the model has to sit very still!) makes that the result is the opposite of a snapshot. A timelapse caught in just one image. After the picture is taken, it’ll be developed it in a darkbox, and in daylight you can see how the image turns into a positive due to the non exposed silver that is washed away. Almost like magic.
The result is unique and should at least last for 150 years!
It was not intended as so, but this seems to create the perfect balance between their (mostly) digital work and their designer fascination for the tactile. What started as a bit of an awkward hobby, quickly became ‘The Tintype Studio’,  an ongoing mobile project that encourages them to explore the overlap between image and object.
We learned this technique from Alex Timmermans about two years ago, and seeing this process closely made us fall in love with it. To have everything set for doing it ourselves, took us a few months. To get a camera, some good lenses, and to mix all the chemicals right.
The following images are by ”
Tintype Studio @ Magneet Festival 2012 Tintype Studio @ Magneet Festival 2012 Tintype Studio tintype_medallion_04 TinTypeStudio_MG_7157 Tintype Studio Tintype Studio Tintype Studio
to see more about the process itself, you really should watch this short video: 

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