Stefan Sappert Photography

Stefan Sappert is an award winning Freelance photographer, specializing in wet plate photography. He creates handmade photographs on glass and metal with unique aesthetics. His work has been published in several magazines, and exhibited all over the world. His work is a “synergy of conceptual, experimental photography and the contemporary use of alternative photographic process of  wet plate photography.” He says,”a pictorial mood always is the motivation of his work, which lets his pictures seem outside of time and like fragments of dreams.” He follows his passion in creating one of a kind handmade fine art photographs.

Ambrotype photography is a photograph that creates a positive image using the wet plate collodian process. It first came into use in the early 1850’s. The ambrotype was much less expensive to produce than the daguerreotype. In 1854 James Ambrose Cutting, of Boston, took out several patents relating to the process and maybe responsible for coining the term ‘ambrotype’. If you would like to learn more about Stefan Sappert Photography and contact information follow the links below.

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